Married: unknown

Birth: bap 31 Aug 1684 New Utrecht, NY
Death: bef 1 Oct 1726 Hempstead, NY

Sytie3 or Zytie or Eytie Van Wicklen
(major events)

Birth: 1692 New Lots, Brooklyn, NY
Death: 1726 Hempstead, Queens Co, NY

Family Citations:

        see Bergen “Kings”p.366:  issue: p.32, Inventory of Estate p.397.

       Resided at first in Brooklyn, NY but in his later days removed to Hempstead where he died. [Early Settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L.I., by Teunis G. Bergen, Joel Munsell, Albany NY  1876, p.396:]

       Res. on future site of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where he operated a grist mill, from 1713 until 1723 when he and Sytje sold half that property [119]  and moved to Hempstead.  He d. there before 1 Oct. 1726 when George Bergen, Jan Van Wicklen and Cornelis Ryerson took an inventory as administrators of his and Sytjes estates.

       On 30 April 1708 Hans jorise and others were tried for a riot at the tavern of Sara Knightin “Brookland” [Bergen, p.395:]


       From Bergen Family by Tunis Bergen:

       24. HANS JORISE BERGEN, bap. Aug. 31st, 1684; in New Utrecht, Abraham Jorisz (Brinckerhoff), Hendrick Strykker and Annetje Tonis Bogaard, wit.; d. 1726; m. Aug. 16th,1711, Sytje, dau. of Evert Van Wicklen,1 of New Lots. April 30, 1708, Hans Jorise Bergen and others were tried for a riot at the tavern of Sarah Knight in "Brookland," as more fully appears under Hans Machielse Bergen.  April 15, 1706, a "Yan Bergen" paid Flatlands Church 6 guilders for the use of the pall, who may have been Hans Jorise. 

       Jan. 28, 1722-3, Hans Jorise Bergen and "Seytie" his wife, for œ172, conveyed to Cornelius          Ewerrse, of Brooklyn ferry, "all the full moiety or half part of that Land,  1 Evert Van Wicklen, a carpenter by trade, emigrated from Holland in 1665,  and m. in 1687. In 1703 he resided in Flatlands, in which year his name appears in the lists of those who took the oath of allegiance as "Evert Janssen  Van Wickalen." Some of his descendaots reside in New Lots and Jamaica   South. May 29, 1703, Gerardus Beekman, Leffert Pieterse and "Evert Van Wyckelyn," of Kings county, for œ200 bought of Thomas Cardal, of Jamaica, Queens county, 450 acres on the Raritan river in Middlesex county, New Jersey (see lib. 1, p. 425, of deeds in office of secretary of state, New Jersey). 

        "Evert Van Wyckelyns" children were: Jan, who m. Ida, and d. prior to 1734; Sytje or Eylie, who m. Hanis Jorise Bergen; Covert, m. Mattje (???),  meadow, creek, grist mill, mill dam, Beach, of ye old dwelling house, Bolting house and Bolting mill, the new Dwelling House only excepted, all which lying, standing and being in the township of Brookland abovesd, at a place called Martys hook, and so as it is now in fence and in possession of sd Hans Jorise Bergen, and was bought so by the sd Hans Jorise Bergen as per deed from Aert Aersen (Middagh),1 bearing date the ninth day of February, Anno Dom. one thousand seven hundred & thirteen, may more and at largeappear, the land containing in all twenty acres and two-Fifths of an acre" &c.2 "Hanse" (Jorise) "Bergen" appears to have removed to Hempstead, Queens county, where he died, as per the Pieternelletje, m. May 6, 1715, Rem Hegeman of Flatbush; Symon, m. Geradina, dau. of Nicasius Janse Couwenhoven, b. in 1705; Garret, m. Tryntje (???); and Geertje, m. May 18, 1719, Hendrick Snydam, of Flatbush. Eyerts name is on the list of those, who in 1715 signed an agreement for the payment of Dominie, Freemans salary. On the census of 1698, he is entered among the residents of Flatbush, 1 man, 1 woman and 3 children. 


       Inventory of his estate, dated Oct. 1, 1726, on file in the office of the surrogate of the city of. New York, of which Hendrick Hendricksen and Antony Demot were appraisers. The inventory was filed Feb. 3, 1726-7 by George Bergen, John Van Wicklen and Cornelius Ryersen, administrators of his estate and that of his wife "Sylie" (Sytie), who at the time was also deceased. The following is a copy of the inventory which will illustrate the personal property and its value, held by a wealthy farmer at that date.

                                                                                                              œ sb. d. 

                 Eight cows, a Steere, a yearling & 6 calves,

                 Nine Swine,

                 Two mares,

                 Four Cattle in ye Commons,

                 Eleven Sheep,

                 A plow & Iron Teeth Harrow with the Clevis,

                 A waggon & Gears,                                                                  2 0 

                 A spade, a Harrow, ax, Two forks, three Iron Wedges, two hinges,

                 A half Bush1 measure & some old Iron,

                 A Sythe and takling,

                 A piece of Indian Corn,

                 The Corn in ye Barrak,

                 The Corn on ye ground,

                 Twelve chairs, cone (small),

                 Three Brass Kettles,

                 A Grind Stone,

                 A Tubb & Cask,

                 Five old Tubbs & Casks,

                 A wooling wheele,

                 One do. , three Linnen wheels,

                 A Bedstead,

                 Thirteen Baggs,

                 Some Sheeps wool,

                 A woman stove & pair of wool cards,

                 Half, an ancher, a wooden measure & baking trough,

                 A mean Table,

                 Two frying pans, a hamer, a pair of andirons, a

                Trammell, a pair of Tongs & Shovel,

                 Five Keelers,

                 A churn & four tubs,

                 Three pails & three earthen potts,

                 An Iron Kettle & little Iron pott,

                 Two Juggs, an earthen platter & pott,

                 A watering pott, a Tin Kettle, a Tunnell & tinn Pott,

                 A little box, a spoon Case, a Dish & 2 ladles,

                 Seven pewter Dishes, 16 plates, 1 bason, 2 porringers, a Chamber pott, a Drinking pott & 18 spoons,

                 Seven earthen Dishes,

                 A looking glass & five small pictures,

                 A smoothing Iron,

                 A parcell of Cotton yarn

                 A gunn, a Carbine, two pistols & holsters, a sword belt & Cartouch box,

                 A case of Bottles,

                 A Cubbard,

                 A Settle bedstead & small Cubbard,

                 A well bound Chest,

                 A bed, bedstead & furniture??

                 Another bedstead & furniture with some other bedding,

                 A Chimney Cloath,

                 Another Table eight square,

                 A hanger for Cloak,

                 A Cradle,

                 Eleven sheets, our Towels,

                 Their wearing Appearll,

                 Some Thread,

                 A great Bible & some other Books,

                 A little Trunk,

                 A Saddle & bridle,

                 Some Knives & two Combs,

                 A wine pipe, a hogshead, barrels & a Tubb,

                 Three Glass Bottles,

                 A parcell of Carpenters tools,

                 A seat of a waggon,

                 Due by Bond,                                                              227 17 3 1/2 

                 A stak of hay,

                  Sixe Sheepe,

       The George Bergen, who administered on his estate, was probably his brother, and the John Van Wicklen his brother-in-law, his son George in 1726 being a minor


                  Wallabout bay, west of the Navy Yard, and opposite to Corlears Hook in the city of New York. 

                 A natural pond in the marsh with a short dam formed the mill pond, and the mill was afterwards known as Remsens mill at the Wallabout. The mill pond was filled up in 1826, in consequence of its becoming a nuisance. 


        Bergen has Hans m1. Sytje Van Wicklen, b.abt.1684, m2. Sytie Van Wicklen b.abt.1690?

       Sytie dau. of Gerrit ? Harry Macy notes this is an error by COOK.


1.+George Joris BERGEN,  b.9 Oct.1712 New Lots, New York,

2.+Evert BERGEN,  b.1717 Somerset Co., New Jersey,

3.+Meetje BERGEN,  b.13 Feb.1717/18,

4.  Peter BERGEN,  b.abt.1720,


       m2.  a  Van CLEEF, 

       mariage at fathers house in Raritan.