Married: 27 Feb 1690 DRC New Lots, Brooklyn, New York
Divorced: unknown

Evert2 Jannsen Van Wicklen
(major events)

Birth: 1660 Wykel, Friesland, Holland
Baptism: 17 June 1660 Reformed Church, Wijckel, Friesland
Imm.: 1664
Will: 9 Feb 1719/20
Death: abt 1719 New Lots, Brooklyn, NY
Occ: carpenter,

Birth: abt 1668 New Lots, Brooklyn, New York
Death: aft 13 Dec 1740 Somerset County, New Jersey

Family Citations:

        Evert was the child age 4 who came to New Netherland with his parents in 1664.  He was baptized Eeuwe and called that in the 1666 orphanmasters proceedings, but subsequently was recorded as Evert.  After his parents deaths he lived in Flatlands, and was probably the Everd Jansz who joined the church there 6 October 1682.

       In August 1686 Evert Jansen contributed to the purchase of a bell for the Fladands church.

       In September 1687 he took the oath of allegiance in Fladands as "Evert Janssen Van Wickelen," stating that he had been in the country for 23 years; this apparently is the first record of the new surname. [93]   He was still living in Flatlands at the time of his marriage in 1690, but soon moved to the New Lots section of Flatbush, where his three elder daughters were all born (ca.1692-96) according to their respective marriage records.

        Bergen states that Evert first purchased land in New Lots in 1686, but gives no reference and the deed has not been found. "Evert Wikley" appears on the Flatbush assessment roll of 1693, and the town records mention his landholdings beginning in that year.   He was a carpenter, as in 1697 he was paid 150 guilders for making benches for the church at Flatlands.  The census of 1698 shows "Evert Wikly in Flatbush with one man, one woman, three children and one slave.   A letter written 9 September 1698 by his father-in-law says Meetegen heeft kinderen  (Metje has three children).  These children were the three elder daughters, the first son (Jan) being baptized on October 26th of that year.

         On 29 March 1703 Evert Van Wyckelyn, with Gerardus Beekman and Leffert Peterse, all of Kings County, bought from Thomas Cardale of Jamaica, Queens County, for L200, a tract of 450 acres in Somerset County, New Jersey.   On 26 May 1703 Beekman, Van Wyckelyn and Peterse, all of Flatbush, sold to John Harrison 400 acres which they had purchased from William Dock-wra by a deed of 20 September 1702.   Both tracts were on the south side of the Raritan River between New Brunswick and the mouth of the Millstone River, in what is now Franklin Township. It is doubtful that Evert ever lived on any of this property, but his son Simon eventually settled on part of it.

         Unlike his brother, Evert signed his name to documents.   In 1709 he was assessed in Flatbush for 63 acres, plus nine horses or other "beasts," six sheep, and one slave, all valued at L42.3. "Evert van Wickellon" was on the 1715 roll of Capt.  Dominicus Vanderveers Kings County Militia Company; while he was 55, men were liable for militia duty until 60.  In the same year, he was on a list of those agreeing to pay the salary of Dominie Freeman of Flatbush. [all Macy]

        In Bergens “Early Settlers of Kings County” p35 is noted that Jan Cornelise Bergen sold to Evert Van Wikelen lots Nos. 46 and 47 in the N.L.(New Lots) of Flh(Flatbush) as per p.78 of Lib A of Fl(atbush) rec.  Jan signed his name in 1687 “Jan Berrian”.25-ctx-.tiff

    The 1711, 1715 and 1719 marriage records of Everts daughters confirm that the family continued to live in New Lots in those years.  Ms last recorded appearance was 2 November 1718 at New Utrecht, where he and Metje were sponsors at the baptism of granddaughter Metje Hegeman.106   He definitely died before 28 March 1721 when a distribution of woodland lots to the freeholders of Flatbush omits Evert but includes his elder son Jan.107   In January 1720 daughter Pieterneltje Hegeman named her eldest son Evert, with her sister Sytje Bergen and husband as sponsors, and in March 1720 daughter Geertje Suydam named her first child Evert (no baptism found).106 For the maternal grandfather to be honored before the paternal grandfather and not to stand as a sponsor for his namesake both suggest that he was already deceased before these dates, perhaps in 1719 when he would have been 58 or 59.  If he died in New Lots, he was probably buried in the Flatbush Dutch Church or its churchyard.

        Everts widow remarried by 1 July 1722 when Philip Volckers and Metje his wife were baptismal sponsors at New Brunswick, New Jersey.   Her son Simon Van Wicklen took up residence on his fathers New Jersey land, and it was probably there that Metje met her new husband, who had lived in New Jersey for many years.  Philip was born about 1670 in Bushwick, Long Island, the son of Volkert Dirckszen and Annetje Philips Langelaan, and was the widower of Anna Van Cleef.  Fred Sisser III in 1988 correctly identified Philips second wife as Metje (Van Arsdalen) Van Wicklen.   Father writers had noted that Philip had a wife Metje, but could not identify her.

Philip Volkert and wife Metje were sponsors at the baptism of her grandson Evert (Simons son) in 1726, and Philips son Joseph and "Metje Van Wikkele" were sponsors for Simons daughter Metje in April 1730.  "Metje Van Wikkele" was received into the Harlingen Dutch Church by certificate 14 October 1730.111  These two 1730 records might refer to Metjes daughter, then 15-18, but it was clearly the elder Metje who was sponsor in 1732 for Simons daughter Sytje, as she is recorded with her maiden name, "Metye van Aasdalen."112 In 1733 she joined her brothers in writing to the Netherlands regarding an inheritance; this letter calls her "Mettie Sijmonsen van Aersdalen," while an accompanying document was signed by "Philip Volkers man [husband] van Mettie Sijmonsen van Aersdale."   As "Mettie my beloved wife" she is named in Philips will proved 17 June 1740,  and on 13 December of the same year, as a widow of Somerset County she made her own will, "being very sick and weak in body." She named her son "Simon Van Wicklone" executor and left him her entire estate except for L8 which she gave to his son Evert; the clerk wrote her name "Michea Fulkarts" and she signed by mark.

        Bergens list of the children of Evert Janszen, which has been copied by many later writers, did not include the younger daughters Grietje and Metje, but did add two sons "Coevert, m.  Mattje" and "Gerrit," who are actually Evert himself and his brother, respectively.  Richard Cook was the first to correct all these errors.11-ctx-.tiff

       Evert was paid 150 guilders for making benches for the Flatlands Church, indicating that he was a carpenter. 

       “Evertt van Wickellon” appears on the “List of respective officers and Souldiers Belonging to the Regiment of Militia in Kings County 1715” as was John van Wicklellen (probably son of Gerrit then about 25yo) as wall as many of familiar Dutch names[MW].

       Bergen in his “Early Settlers” p.366, incorrectly has “VAN WICKELEN, EVERT JANSE, the common ancestor of the family, a carpenter, emigrated in 1664,  probably from Wykel or Wykeler, a village in Friesland; (sup.) m. Elizabeth dau. of Frederick Van Liew”  He confuses this Evert with Gerrit’s2 son Everet. [MW]


       Shown in Flatlands [“Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York,” by Edmund Bailey O’Callaghan” GPC. 1979, p.39:]


       1687 on Flatlands Rate List as in this country 23 years. = imm.1664. [“Genealogical Data of Many Families” by Charles Gritman, NYPL p.2717:]  This is correct except Gritman has incorrectly as husband of Eliz. Van Liew or Evert3.


        8 children:  

1.+Sytie or Zytie or Eytie,  b.1692, m. Hans BERGEN of Brooklyn, 

2.+Pieternelletje,  b.abt.1694, m. Rem HEGEMAN of Flatbush,

3.+Geertje,  b.23 Apr.1696, m. Hendrick SUYDAM of Flatbush. [Early Settlers of Kings County, Bergen, p.366:]

4.  Jan of New Lots,  bap.26 Oct.1698, m. Ida REMSEN,

5.+Symon,  b.abt.1700, m. Gerardina KOUWENHOVEN, 

6.+Grietje, b. say 1708, m. Willem CORNEL,

7.+Maria,  prob. b. abt.1710, named in father’s unprobated will, 

8.+Metje,  b. say 1712-15 New Lots, Flatbush, m. Bergon BRAGAW/BROKAW, bap.6 Aug.1712  Raritan, NJ RDC,


       Moved to Somerset, NJ after m2. to Philip FOLKERTS.

       Metie married (2) Philip Volkertszen (Volkers,etc., ancestor of the Fulkerson family) before March 1732/33.  On 22 March that year, Philip signed as her husband, along with two of Meties brothers, Cornelius and Jan, on a letter assigning a proxy in Amsterdam to deal with an inheritance they were due from a cousin there.  In this letter, they are positively identified as children of the immigrant (Simon Jansz van Arsdalen).