The International Genealogical and Historical Society Database

The International Genealogical and Historical Database is intended to be a comprehensive integration of data by multiple contributors. It is based on academic standards of research and analysis.

It is intended to be open to serious contributors, by credentials, invitation, or by their existing bodies of work in order to support and maintain academic standards. All data will be certified by the individual contributor.

We are presently enlisting interested database architects to help build the core Database.

About the Database

The Database has been built for the International Genealogical and Historical Society at Carnegie Mellon University Information Systems Department by:

Central Database:
Spencer Ying, Philip Croul, Kelly Chan, and Daniel Peterson

Sourcing System and Contributor Management:
David Lash, Aysha Siddique, Nita Sitaram, Nelson Mangaali

Today computer technology and large digital storage systems coupled with remote communication infrastructure has made it possible to harness great amounts of genealogical information and coordinated human resources to initiate the start of the genealogical - historical databases project. The science and art of genealogy has the ability to take a quantum leap in the assemblage and dissemination of information.

There are vast amounts of genealogical and historical information entombed in many libraries as well as personal records around the world which see relatively little access because of a the static geographical locations of these depositories. It is now possible to create a platform for the consolidation of many far flung libraries/records of research and scholarship into large scale wide area genealogical and historical databases.

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Membership would be open on two levels:

1. As members of the society who have an interest in Genealogy and History, who participate in the society’s functions and can view all data and documents. Institutions would be invited on a subscription basis.

2. As Contributors of information, documents and data germane to the database who are professionals in their fields and others who are serious researchers. Professionals would be granted access by their credentials and the society would at times invite other participants based upon their knowledge or body of work. Participating Genealogical and Historical Societies would be granted Contributorships.

The society would also appreciate help in obtaining permissions, obtaining graphic content, and administering the database.

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For Information & Participation please contact:

Michael Wolfe
29 Millholand Drive West
Fishkill, NY 12524
845. 440. 7557

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