Father: John1 Guest (say abt.1668 - 1735)
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown

Married: say abt.1715 prob. New York City
Divorced: unknown

Birth: abt.1692 England
Death: before 3 Mar.1755 (will proved), Middlesex, NJ

Marie Madeleine DuBois
(major events)

Birth: 12 Sep.1694 New York, NY
Death: 1765 New Jersey

Family Citations:

        John Guest, currier is made a Freeman of the city of NY 18 May 1713/14 ["The Burghers of New Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York1675-1866, collections of the New York Historical Society, 1885, p.92:] so he would have had to be ae.21 so b. bef.1693.


       [Calarence Guest Reynolds address at Guest House, p.1:] “long a resident of Count... (Conties) Slip, New York”


       John had removed to New Barbnadoes Neck, (old Bergen Co., NJ) before 30 Dec.1725 when he petitioned in New York “John Guest of New Barbadoes neck, NJ, tanner, for a brief to circulate a charitable petition, he having been burned out.” On dec.28 he received a certificate of the judge and justices of Bergen county, NJ in support of the above petition. [“Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, State of New York, ed. by E.B. O’Callaghan Weed, Parsons and Co., Albany, NY 1866 pt.2, p.494:]

       William b. say abt. 1716 would have been b. in NYC, then either removed to New Barbadoes (he would have been ae.9) with his father or started his apprenticeship in NYC.


       New Brunswick was previously called Inian’s Ferry, and Hackensack as New Barbados.


       On 6 Dec.1708 a John GUEST was identified in NYC as witnessed the will of Daniel Roberts


       The Mayor’s Court for NYC poor, 1714,  ordered Richard Blank to be bound out to John Guest of  for a period of 11 years.  (a person who curries tanned leather).     


      In 1727 John Guest was identified as a freeholder in Bergen Co., New Jersey.  In 1728 he was a Bergen Co. Manager.  In 1729 he purchases land in Section 30 in Bergen Co. [“History of Bergen Co.”, by Harvey p.?;  “History of Bergen, NJ” by Clayton p.?], 


       12 Jan 1729, Peter Sonmans ..... deed  this is site 28 ... SEE BELOW


       Maria, the daughter of Captain John Guest, of New Brunswick, who commanded a vessel which sailed between New York and Antigua. (last part correct for this John - MW)




        1740-1747 John made numerous trips with his sloop or ship from and to Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., NJ to Boston, Rhode Island, and other Eastern Shore ports. 


       “... commanded a vessle which sailed from New York to Antigua” [“A historical discourse on the Reformed Prot. Dutch Church of Albany” by E. P. Rogers, New York: Board of Publication of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, 1858, 127 pgs, p.35:] This is John.


       In 1741 John bought property from Dirck Schuyler, in Middlesex Co., NJ.


       On 11/18 Aug.1746 John received payments from Peter Cochran, New Brunswick, NJ.


       John Henry Guest [“Guest Letters” p. 52:]  has a theory that John Guest maried First to Susannah ALYEA 17 Apr.1715 Hackensack RDC, with (3 children) Wm,.. and Secondly m.172- to Marie DuBOIS (with 5 children - & Maria ?).  THIS IS INCORRECT, since the reference he uses is the m. of Susannah to a Jan Van Gest when in fact this is John Vangasco, a different person.


       The Following Paragraph is entirely INCORRECT.

      “The Guests were an old Phildelphia family.  Henry’s Guest’s grandfather, John, is said to have built the first house in the Quaker City, on “The Front.” He kept the famous Blue Anchor Tavern. (that was George of PA -MW)  His descendants moved across  the river to Gloucester, thense to New Brunswick, and then one of them, either the father or brother of Henry, bought land at the corner of Carroll Place annd Livingston Avenue, in 1741.” [“The Revolutionary Scene in New Jersey” by Robert V. Hoffman, pub. the American Historical Company, Inc., NY, p.85-86:]


      If John was b. either Birmingham, or Scotland [Guest Bible] then he cannot be the son of George GUEST (who m. Alice BAILYS), because George reputedly arrived in 1681 so John would have been b. America!!!!    


     Jan GIS [“Hackensack RDC Records” Holland Soc. p.144:]  “Maria DuBOIS wife of Jan GUST admitted to church 1726.”


       Moses Guest Bible

       “Some info from the Family Bible that has been in the Guest Family more than 200 years now owned by the descendants of the Walker Guest Family? or William? (Morgan Guests Son)”  This has been bandied about on the internet and so far I [MW] have not been able to find it or anyone who knows where it is or knows that it exists. 


      “Information taken from the Family Bible that has been in the Guest Family more than 200 years.  Now owned by the descendants of the Walker Guest Family (Morgan Guests Son)”  This is probably the Moses Guest Bible. [MW]


       John left a will dated 9 Dec.1747, and proved March 1755 in New Jersey.  He did not give his wifes name, but left her the house and "movables" for her use during her widowhood, and after her widowhood, the house and movables were to be divided equally amoung his children, who were not named, except for William, the executor.  John and Marie had “5” children: John Jr., born 1719, died 1743 leaving one son John; Sarah, born 1723; Lewis, born 1724, married and continued to live in New Jersey; William; and Henry, born 25 June 1727, married and continued to live in New Jersey. [“Stinnett, Guest & Allied Lines” by Alice Stinnett]   


       ***NOTE [MW] people! look at the dates! “A John GUEST first married Mary Signey on 29 July 1701in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.” John2 was ae.9 at the time !!!  The John that Mary Signey m. WAS probably the John son of George, b.1638 BUT THIS JOHN IS NOT the son of that George even though that may be represented here!


       [“Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, vol 28 “Extracts from American Newspapers” ed. by William Nelson, p.25:]  lists children John, Lewis, Henry, and Sarah with poss. William.  "The earliest mention of the name in the New Jersey records is in a deed from Dirck Schuyler to John Guest in Oct. 1741, for a plot of land in the city of New Brunswick.  This was probably John Guest, 2nd, and the same John Guest who made his will March 26,1743.  His residence is not given.  He devises to son John “my house and lot ...."   Incorrect  !!!  THIS LAST 2 SENTANCES IS HIS SON WHO DIED May 1743 [MW].


       Will dated 9 Dec.1747:  John Guest of Middlesex Co. proved 3 Mar.1755 [Lib F p.251:]

       Will: [MW from orig] “The Last will and testiment of John Gueft.  I commend my Spiritt into the hands of god my Creator and redeemer who gave itt and my body to the Earth from whence itt came, my Last will and Testtiment (sic.) that my Estate be devided as follows viz:  my Intres (interests) in Bergen County to be dispoufed off to pay the debts and If sufitiant Then the house to remain in posfestion of my wife with the mouvables during her widdowood but in case shee Marreys then the house and movables are to be difpoused off and Eaquly divided amoung my Children Except the furnature belonging to the roum wherin wee now Sleep to remane for hur Yonce during hur life and then att hur disposall to my Children.  my Children thous Un Marred or Widow or Widdowr in Case they are put to difficaleteys ma Abide in the house not difqiteing ther Mother my wife to have Youceof the roum that we now Sleep in without being Molefted  And that my Sun William Gueft be my Executor & my wife Executerix of my Estate.  In wittness whearof I sett my hand and Seall this Ninth day of December in the Year of Our Lord O thousand Seven hundred and fortey and Seven.

                                                                                                             John Gueft (Sig.)

Sined and Sealed in the presents of us:

Peter Stryker

Gerret Stothoff

also [BBQp.104] 

       Probate granted by Gov. Belcher in the above form Dated the same 3 March 1755.

Note:  In the writing of the day an “s” is many times inscribed as an “f”. [MW]


Note:  After the death of John2 Guest, William3 submitted an inventory, dated 1743/44, to the Court which he found in his father’s papers.  This Inventory was however that of John3 Guest who had died previously on 5 Apr.1743. [MW]



see Bergen - New Barbadoes



In 1729 John Guest bought property in section 30 of the Bergen (old Bergen) patent devisions of north-east NJ, roughly in the area of Ridgewood, NJ today.   [“Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, by Cornelius Burnham Harvey, New York: New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Co., 1900, 643 pgs., p.36:]


       " The southwest part of section 28 was called "Wierinius" and fell within a patent granted to Samuel Bayard, in 1703. The title passed from Bayards heirs, by purchase, to Roloff Vandelinda, who died in New York in 1708.  By his will he devised these lands to his son, Hendrick Vandelinda. The area of land devised to Hendrick is not given, but it was large, and by several deeds from Peter Sonmans, as agent of the proprietors, lie afterward acquired several other tracts in the vicinity.  His lands were, as the deeds state, bounded on the south partly by Zabriskie and Romeyn and partly by the Musquampsont Brook, a branch of the Pascack River.  He sold it in parcels to Rolof Vandelinda, Rev. Benjamin Vandelinda (pastor of Paramus Church), Frederick Wortendyke (the first settler at Pascack), Cornelius Haring, John and Albert Van Orden, Jacob Zabriskie, John Bogert, Rev. Bernard Van Duersen, Jacob Arents, John Durye, Daniel Haring, Carel Debaun, Abraham Post, David Hopper, Abram La Roux, Abraham Van Horne, and Rev. Samuel Verbryck (pastor of Tappan Church). The two " dominies " conveyed parts of their purchases to Garret and David Eckerson, John Forshee (Fiseur), Garet Haring, William Holdrum, Frederick Van Reiper, and Michael and John Ryer. West and north of the above Cornelius Mattys, William Sandford Van Emburgh, John Guest, Peter and Andrew Van Buskirk, Cornelius Epke Banta, James Johnston, and John Stagg secured patents from the proprietors. The locality of Arents, Mattyss, and Van Emburghs purchases was called "Awashawaughss" plantation."  

[“Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties New Jersey” Early Settlers of Bergen County – Part B, by Cornelius Burnham Harvey, Editor 1900, [http://www.getnj.com/hudberg/hudberg6.shtml]



(MW) found a pertinent reference in:

"Calendar of Historical Manuscripts, in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, NY"  edited by E.B.OCallaghan, part II, p.466:  

"English Manuscripts" (Governor Burnet) vol. LXIV (64) p.21: entitled

"30 Jan.1722 Elizabethtown, Letter, John Guest to Isaac Bobin, in relation to a marriage license for John Salane and Sarah Hetfield"

 BURNED IN NY State Archives fire of 1811


"Isaac Bobins Letters 1718–30" (Albany, 1866–72);

 "Calendar of Dutch, English and Revolutionary MSS. in the office of the Secretary of State" Albany, 1865–68); "New York Colonial Tracts", 4 vols.: (1) "Journal of Sloop Mary"; (2) "Geo. Clarkes voyage to America"; (3) "Voyages of Slavers"; (4) "Isaac Bobins Letters 1718–30" (Albany, 1866–72);



       Incorrectly as  DEBOA,[Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, Hackensack "RDC", Holland Soc. as deBOA p.153, p.158, p.164.,]

       or as DeBAA (“Hackensack RDC Records” Holland Soc. p.144 only, other as DeBOA:  

      “Hackensack RDC Records” Holland Soc. p.10:  Maria DuBOIS wife of Jan GUST admitted to church 1726.



1.+William GUEST,  b.abt.1716 (Not Hack. RDC) of New York,  

2.+John GUEST,  b.1717/18 NYC, d. NJ,

3.+Sarah GUEST,  b. say abt 1720 prob. NYC, (not in Hackensack RDC)

4.+Lewis GUEST,  b.1724 ?(not in RDC), NJ, m2. Jane LAWRENCE, of Monmouth, “married and continued to live in New Jersey” [“Stinnett, Guest & Allied Lines” by Alice Stinnett].

5.+Maria GUEST, say abt 1724

6.  Anna GUEST,  bap.6 June 1725 Hackensack DRC, dau. of Jan GIS and Marie DeBAA, wit. Paulus Van der BEEK and Marytje VARICK,

7.+Hendrick (Henry) GUEST,  bap.25 June 1727 Hackensack, NJ RDC, wit:  Hendrick BRAS and Annatje VARICK,[“Hackensack RDC Records” Holland Soc. p.10:  Maria DuBOIS ]  (same), m1. Ruth BONG, m2. Anna MADOCK,

8.  Moses GUEST,  bap.20 Aug.1730 Hackensack RDC, wit: Jan SABORISCO and wife Margrieta DURIE,[Hackensack RDC, Holland Soc. p.158:]

9.  Thomas GUEST,  bap.28 Jan.1733 Hackensack RDC, wit: Thomas OUTWATER and wife Jannetje DURJE,[“Hackensack ” Holland Soc. p.164:  ]


       The only children listed at the Hackensack RDC, Anna (p.144), Hendrik (p.153), Moses (p.158), Thomas (p.164)


       Hendrick Bras was a baptismal sponsor 25 June 1727 at Hackensack of John GUEST’s son Hendrick (with Annatje Varick) [Records of Hackensack RDC]  


      John Henry Guest incorrectly proposes that Jan Janse van GIESTE, m. 17 Apr.1715, Susannah Alice (ALYEA) Hackensack RDC, but this person is VANGASCO as written in her father’s will and documents in Delaware.


       Maria wit. the baptism 14 Sep.1727 of Maria, dau. of David Lawrence Ackerman, and Sara Colve at Hackensack, [J.H.Guest p.61]