Married: 5 Jan.1837 Jamaica RDC (Reformed Dutch Church)
Divorced: unknown

John6 Van Wicklen
(major events)

Birth: 25 July 1809 Jamaica, Queens, NY
Baptism: 5 Sep.1809 Jamaica, Queens, NY
Death: 9 Aug.1886 New Lots, Brooklyn, NY

Birth: 29 Apr.1818 Woodbury, LI, NY
Death: 6 Jan.1907 Flatlands, New York

Family Citations:

       NYGBR109:218 (Oct.1978):  John, bap.5 Sep.1809 Jamaica, RDC, dau. of Derick Van Wicklen and HELLENA GESS.


      In the NYGBR 97:21 (1966) “The Youngs Family of Cold Spring, long Island” by Herbert F. Silversmith, Phoebe Ann is m. John Van Wicklen.


      1840 census Flatbush (p.834 John Van Viclen (sic) m & fem 20/30, f 0/5  1agr.


1850 Us Federal Census. Flatbush, Kings, NY (next to brother John).

John Van Wicklen, ae.41, farmer, b.NY,

Phebe A., ae.28, b.NY, 

Magdalen Van Wicklen, ae.12, b.NY,

Esther A. Van Wicklen, ae.10, b.NY,

Cornelius N. Van Wicklen, ae.8, b.NY,

Catherine J. Van Wicklen, ae.4, b.NY,

Mary Van Wicklen, ae.2, b.NY,


Jacob Van Wicklin, ae.31, miller, RE5000, b.NY,

Cynthia Van Wicklin, ae.28, b.NY, 

Richard Van Wicklin, ae.7, b.NY, 

Ida M. Van Wicklin, ae.5, b.NY, 

David S. Van Wicklin, ae.2, b.NY, 

David Storms, ae.60, farmer, RE5000, b.NY, 

William Storms, ae.20, carpenter b.NY, 

David Storms, ae.17, clerk, b.NY,

Susan Foster, ae.38, b.NY, 

James Foster, ae.0, b.NY, 


1860 US Federal Census, New Lots, Queens Co., NY, hotel?, taken 25th of June,

John Van Wickler, ae.51, farmer, RE6000, P500,

Phoebe A. Van Wickler, ae.40, b.NY,

Magdalen Van Wickler, ae.21, b.NY,

Hester A. Van Wickler, ae.18, b.NY, 

Cornelius Van Wickler, ae.16, b.NY, 

Cath Van Wickler, ae.14, b.NY,

Mary Van Wickler, ae.12, b.NY,

John G. Van Wickler, ae.9, b.NY,


1870c. New Lots, Kings Co., NY

John Van Wicklen, ae.61, farmer, RE10,000, no occ., b.NY, f.b.NY, m.b.NY,

Phobe Ann, ae.52, wife, kh, b.NY, f.b.NY, m.b.NY,

Ester Ann, ae.27, dau., ah, b.NY, 

Cornelius Van Wicklen, ae.25, son, laborer, b.NY,  

Mary Van Wicklen, ae.23, ah, b.NY, 

Gertrude Van Wicklen, ae.4, b.NY, 


1880 US Federal Census, New Lots, Queens Co., NY, 

John Van Wicklen, ae.60, farmer, paralysis, b.NY, f.b.NY, m.b.NY,

Phobe Ann, ae.61, wife, kh, b.NY, f.b.NY, m.b.NY,

Hester Ann, ae.37, dau., b.NY, 

Cornelius Van Wicklen, ae.35, son, b.NY,  

Mary Van Wicklen, ae.28, b.NY, 

Gertrude Van Wicklen, ae.14, at school, b.NY, 


       (it seems however by his childrens births that John went from Jamaica to New Lots. His brother Jacob is described as a miller and there appears on the 1852 homesteads map that there is a grist mill at New lots in Flatlands entitles Van Wickklen  G. Mill. [MW] )


       Old Mill, (near Cresent Avenue, south of Jamaica Avenue, in Old Mill Village) now called Van Wicklen Mill, on Old Mill Creek, formerly called Bull Creek.  The mill was built in 1770 by Van Brunt.  [“Historical guide to the city of New York”  New York: F.A. Stokes Co., 1913, 467 pgs. p.253]



1.+Magdalen Van WICKLEN,  b.14 Sep.1838 Jamaica, NY, m. Stephen RYDER Jr.

2.  Cornelius Nostrand Van WICKLEN,  b.6 Aug.1843 New Lots, NY, m. Elizabeth HOCK,

3.+Catherine Jane Van WICKLEN,  b.13 Mar.1846 New Lots, NY, m. Samuel LOTT,

4.  Esther A. Van WICKLEN,  b. Apr.1847 Jamaica, NY, m. --- CORNELIUS of East New York,

5.  Mary Elizabeth Van WICKLEN,  b.20 Aug.1848 Flatbush, NY, m. Isaac Rapalje SNEDIKER,

6.  Elizabeth Van WICKLEN,  b.14 Feb.1850, died at birth.

7.+John Youngs Van WICKLEN,  b.10 Feb.1851  New Lots, NY, m. Henrietta Kate MILLER,

8.+Gertrude Van WICKLEN,  b.10 Sep.1865, m. Fenwick William BERGEN,


       Died at the home of her dau. Gertrude Bergen at 10 Hubbard Place, Flatlands. [Research Notes of Harry Macy Jr.]

       New York Times  :  “Mrs. Phebe A. Van Wicklen, widow of John Van Wicklen, died on Sunday at her home, 10 Hubbard Place, Brooklyn.  She was born eighty-eight years ago at Woodbury, L.I., and was a daughter of Israel Youngs.  Her husband who was descended from the earliest settlers of New Lots. had a large farm there on which was a tide grist mill, which was one of the first to be built in Kings County.  A portion of the ancient mill still stands.  Mrs. Van Wicklen was one of the oldest members of the New Lots Dutch Reformed Church.” [New York Times]

       Eagle 7 Jan 1907 obit.  “She was oldest surviving member of the New Lots Duch Reformed Church and has last 15 years attended Flatlands RDC.  Husband was a farmer, farm included old Mill at New Lots.  6 children survive (5 listed ?):

Mrs. Stephen Ryder (Magdalen) of Jamaica,

Esther A. Cornelius of east New York,

Mrs. Samuel Lot,

Mrs. Isaac Snediker of Jamaica,

Mrs. Frederick W. Bergen of Flatlands.

       also 13 g.children [MW has 14 - all gchildren born by 1907 so probably the Helen N.  I have for John Youngs is not his, I have only 1 g.granchild.] and 10 great grand children.


1900c.  Brooklyn Ward 32, Kings, NY, Hubbard Ave, 

Phebe Van Wicklen, head, b. Feb 1819, NY (NY, NY), 81, widow, and Esther A., dau., b. Apr 1847, NY (NY, NY) 52, single, housekeeper.