Nancy Trovillo Carnegie
(major events)

Birth: Sep.1882 Pittsburgh
Death: 1954


        Nancy Trovillo CARNEGIE,  b. Sep.1882 Pittsburgh [1900c.], d.1954, In 1924, after the death of her brother George, she moved into the Plum Orchard mansion.

       CARNEGIES NIECE WED COACHMAN --- UNCLE GLAD; Real Love Match With No Worthless Duke in It, He Says. MARRIAGE WAS A YEAR AGO Mrs. Hever Preferred a Man Who Had Been "Lord Somebody or Others" Coachman.

       Andrew Carnegie made public yesterday the marriage of his niece, Nancy T. Carnegie, to her riding master, James Hever, which took place more than a year ago. At the same time Mr. Carnegie gave out a statement expressing himself as better pleased that she should have married a sober, moral, good man, without wealth, rather than a "worthless Duke."            

       Mrs. Hever is the daughter of Thomas M. Carnegie, who was the brother of Andrew Carnegie, and who is associated with the ironmaster in the coke business.  He died several years ago leaving a fortune of several millions.  His widow resides in Pittsburgh part of the year, but is much of the time at her handsom Southern country place at Fernandina named “Dungeness” by her husband.  She is very fond of horseback riding and all kinds of out-door sports, owns a yacht and entertains lavishly.

       Her daughter Nancy, who is twenty-four years old, inherited much of her mother’s love of outdoor life.

       The attachment between Hever and Miss Carnegie began to be noticed in Pittsburgh about two years ago.  Hever at that time left his place with Mrs. Carnegie and came to New York.  He established a riding academy on Seventh Avenue.  Then it became known that Miss Carnegie sometimes visited relatives in this city with her mother.  Later Mr, Hever went to Newport. where Miss Carnegie had already gone.  He also paid frequent visits to Fernandina.

       Mr. and Mrs. Hever are said to have been married by a Roman Catholis priest in this city last Spring.  Mr. Hever is a Catholic; his wife is an Episcopalian.

       When Mr. and Mrs. Hever arriver the other day they were met by Mrs. Andrew Carnegie, George Lauder Carnegie and Thomas Morrison Carnegie and Mrs. Perkins, Mrs Heaver’s sister.  They went directly to the home of Andrew Carnegie and afterward to 19 West Thirty-first Street.  They left there on Tuesday last going to the home of Thomas Morrison Carnegie, who lives at the Lorraine, but soon left there.  It was said at both these places last night that their whereabouts was not known.  [New York Times 20 Apr.1905, p.9:]