Married: July 22, 1762 prob. Jamaica, NY, USA

Gerrit4 Van Wicklen
(major events)

Birth: 13 May 1733 (bap.), Jamaica, NY
Baptism: 13 May 1733 Jamaica, NY RDC,
Will: 31 Oct.1803 proved 31 Jan.1806, Queens Co. Surrogates “B”:310-
Death: 31 Jan.1806 (bef.-will proved), Jamaica, NY

Birth: bap.16 Nov.1735 (bap.), Jamaica, NY
Baptism: 16 Nov.1735 Jamaica, NY RDC, bap. as Femmetie
Death: aft.1810 [in 1810 census]

Family Citations:
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  2. Marriage: The Covert Family, Carl W. Fischer, Interlaken Historical Society, Interlaken, NY 1989., added by Michael Wolfe

       On the 1784 Jamaica tax list Gerrit was assessed for £6OO real estate, £50 personal. [Henry Onderdonk Jr., “Jamaica Tax List, 1784” typescript, Brooklyn Hist. Soc.]  He made his will in 1803, naming wife Femmetie, and children listed below (except for Maria). All of the sons continued to reside in Jamaica, and were called Van Wicklen. [NYGBR 128:81-90, 177-184, 241-252: "The Van Wicklen/ Van Wickle Family" by Harry Macy Jr.]


       [Abstract of wills, Queens Co., NY, comp. Ray C. Sawyer, NYGBS v.1, p.84:], yeoman,

       Heirs:  wife, Femmetie, dau. Ann, sons Garret, Tunis, Evert, Derick, and Johannes.

       Executors: 5 sons.

       Wit:  Hendrick J. Lott, Barnret Bennett Barnet and Vandeventer Suydam.


1790 Federal Census, Jamaica, Queens, p.29:  32204,= 3 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 2 females, 0 other white, 4 slaves, 


1790 Federal Census, Jamaica, Queens, p.31:  10201 = 1 male over 16, 2 females, 1 slave,


        Widow Phebe was a head of household in Jamaica 1810. [1810c, Jamaica Queens, NY p.295]           


1.+Maria Van WICKLEN,  b. abt.1762,

2.+Gerrit Van WICKLEN Jr., b.1763, Flatlands, NY,

3.+Tunis Van WICKLEN,  b.3 Jan.1765, Jamaica, NY,

4.  Evert Van WICKLEN,  bap.4 Dec.1767, Jamaica, NY,

5.+Derick Van WICKLEN,  bap. Aug.1774, Newtown, NY,

6.+Johannes(John) Van WICKLEN,  b.1776, Newtown, NY,


       Femetie COVERT w. of Garret Van “WICKELEN” is listed as a member 16 Oct.1803 of the RDC of Jamaica. [“History of the First Reformed Dutch Church of Jamaica, L.I.,” Henry Onderdonk, p.191(Apendix Church members).]