Married: 1 Apr.1919 Carnegie Highlands home
Divorced: Reno, Nevada

Birth: 16 Oct.1894 Illinois, USA
Death: 19 Sep.1983 Sharon Hospital, Connecticut
Occ: civil engineer, real-estate executive,
Education: Stevens Institute of Technology, Princeton University,

Margaret Cameron Carnegie
(major events)

Birth: 30 Mar.1897 New York City, NY
Death: 11 Apr.1990 at her home in Fairfield, Connecticut
Education: Spence,

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       Son of Roswell MILLER and Mary Louise ROBERTS,

       Ensign in US Navy,

       SSI: 118-36-2451, New York, 


       Roswell Miller Jr., a retired civil engineer and real-estate executive, died Monday at the Sharon (Conn.) Hospital.  He was 88 years old and lived in Millbrook, N.Y.  Mr. Miller, who was educated at the Stevens Institute of Technology and Princeton University, was associate professor of engineering at New York University from 1921 to 1931.  He was vice president of Ladd & Nichols and then president of the Migdale Corporation, both New York City real-estate concerns. He served in the Naval Reserve during both world wars. Mr. Miller is survived by a daughter, Barbara Lawson of Granby, Colo., 13 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. [New York Times, September 21, 1983,]


       Last week when whooping cough was at its seasonal peak, Johns Hopkins University Medical School investigators let it be known that the late Philanthropist Andrew Carnegies only son-in-law had chosen the fight against that disease as his own first public philanthropy.

       Margaret, Carnegies only child, whom he called "Baba" and for whom he built Skibo Castle in Scotland, married Roswell Miller Jr. in 1919, when she was 22, he 24 and a Princeton undergraduate (Class of 1921). He was considered "an active man," theirs "a natural healthy union." They have four children—Louise C., Barbara, Margaret, Roswell III. Mr. Miller maintains a real-estate office in midtown Manhattan and a home adjacent to the garden of the Carnegie Fifth Avenue mansion. After Carnegie gave $190,000,000 to various philanthropies, $125,000,000 to the Carnegie Corporation and $10,000,000 to the United Kingdom Trust, $15,000,000 remained to be bequeathed in 1919 to Mrs. Carnegie and the Miller family. Son-in-law Millers donation to Johns Hopkins financed the bed & board of 13 chimpanzees. These apes contract whooping cough as easily as do children, are more easily managed. The whooping-cough problem is: Does a germ (the so-called Bordet-Gengoubacillus) alone cause the disease, or must that germ have some virus present in the throat and lungs before it causes whooping cough? Upon the answer depends the kind of vaccine or serum to prevent and cure the disease.

       During the spring and summer whoop-ing-cough season of 1935 Miller-main-tained chimpanzees "Herbert H," "Becky," "Darby," "Joan" & friends were infected with sputum from the throats of whooping Baltimore children. Evidence indicated that the whooping-cough germ requires a virus to lead the way into the air passages before the disease breaks out. That virus seemed to be the same virus implicated in the common cold. [http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,770211,00.html]


1920c. US Federal Census

Mrs. Mary L. Miller(ROBERTS),  ae.54, head, ownes house, wd, b.Delaware, f.b.Wales, m.b.Mississippi

Dorothy Miller,  ae.21, dau., b.Illinois, f.b.PA, m.b.Delaware,

Charles Roberts Miller,  ae.19, son, b.Illinois, 

Roswell Miller,  ae.25=.b.1895, son, b.Illinois,  

Margaret Miller,  ae.22, dau.-in-law, b.NY, f.b.Scotland, m.b.NY,

Mary Roberts,  ae.81, mother, wd., b.Mississippi, f.b.Maine, m.b.Mississippi,

Anna Frank,  ae.42, companion,

Catherine Gallagher,  ae.39, servant, waitress

Catherine Kennelly,  ae.47, servant, cook,

Mary Ubrian,  ae.40, servant, maid,


1930c.  Washington, Dutchess, New York, at cross road of Lithgow? to Butte Hollow, taken Apr.18th

Roswell Miller, ae.35, head, ownes house, ae.24 at m., b.IL, f.b.PA, m.b.NJ, college teacher,

Margaret C. Miller, ae.32 wife, ae.21 at m., b.NY, f.b.Scotland, m.b.NY,

Louise C. Miller, ae.9, dau., b.NY, f.b.IL, m.b.NY,

Roswell Miller, ae.7, son, b.NY, f.b.IL, m.b.NY,

Barbera Miller, ae.5, dau., b.NY, f.b.IL, m.b.NY,

Margaret M. Miller, ae.3 9/12=b. Aug.1926, dau., b.Scotland, f.b.IL, m.b.NY,





       Margaret Cameron Carnegie [History of Saint Andrews Society of the State of New York, 1756 - 1906 by George Austin Morrison, p.152:] 

1.+Louise Carnegie MILLER,  b.5 June 1920, d.13 Aug.1947 Skibo Castle, Dornoch, Scotland of Infantile Paralysis, m. 27 July 1938 Skibo Castle, James Frederick Gordon THOMPSON,

2.+Roswell MILLER III,  b.14 Dec.1922 9 East 90th Street,

3.  Barbara MILLER,  b.3 Apr.1925 New York, NY, d.9 Jan.2002 Granby, Colorado, m. 28 Apr.1961 Bill LAWSON,

4.  Margaret Morrison MILLER,  b.abt.1927,


       Mr. Carnegies only daughter, Margaret, was married on April 23 to Ensign Roswell Miller, U. S. N. The bridegroom, son of a former President of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, who died in 1913, had not completed his college course when war was declared. In 1916 he left Stevens Institute in Hoboken, where he was taking a course in civil engineering, to drive an ambulance in France, and when the United States became involved entered the navy as an Ensign. 

       It was said at the time of the wedding that after the honeymoon Mr. Miller and his bride would go to Princeton, N. J., where he would complete his studies before entering upon a professional career. The former Miss Carnegie, heiress of her fathers millions, is 22 years old. Her husband is two years her senior. 


       Margaret Carnegie was born March 30, 1897 to Carnegie and Louise Whitfield, whom Carnegie married when he was 51 years old. Andrew Carnegie died in 1919.

From 1934 to 1973 Margaret was a trustee of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, a grant-making foundation. The foundation was established by her father in 1911. From 1973 until her death she was an honorary lifetime trustee.

       Margaret Carnegie was married to Roswell Miller, but their marriage ended in divorce. Miller had four children and numerous other descendants. She died on April 11, 1990 at her home in Fairfield Connecticut. She was 93 years old. [Wikipedia],


       Margaret Carnegie Miller, Philanthropist, 93 [New York Times, April 21, 1990 Obituary]

       Margaret Carnegie Miller, the only child of Andrew Carnegie, the steel manufacturer and philanthropist, died on April 11 at her home in Fairfield, Conn. She was 93 years old.

       Margaret Carnegie Miller, the only child of Andrew Carnegie, the steel manufacturer and philanthropist, died on April 11 at her home in Fairfield, Conn. She was 93 years old.

       From 1934 to 1973 she was a trustee of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the grant-making foundation established by her father in 1911. From 1973 until her death she was an honorary lifetime trustee.

       She was born March 30, 1897, to Mr. Carnegie and Louise Whitfield, whom Mr. Carnegie married when he was 51. Mr. Carnegie died in 1919. Mrs. Millers marriage to Roswell Miller ended in divorce. She is survived by one of her four children, Barbara M. Lawson of Cranby, Colo.; 13 grandchildren; 26 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.



Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist, Philanthropist, by Laura Bufano Edge,


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