Married: 1 Sep.1795 Salem, Rockingham, NH
Divorced: unknown

Birth: 23 May 1764 Londonderry, Rockingham, NH
Death: 4 Mar.1811 Belfast, Waldo Co., Maine
Occ: merchant,

Nancy Gilmore
(major events)

Birth: 14 July 1773 Windham, Rockingham, NH
Death: 14 Jan.1842 Montville, Maine

Family Citations:

        Lived in Belfast ME.

        From a book entitled "Annals of Belfast", page 28:

        On the fourth day of March, died James Nesmith, Esq., in the forty-seventh year of his age.  He was one of the most prominent and worthy members of this little community, and his death was deeply deplored.  He had been for many years the only Notary Public, and was emphatically the magistrate of the place; the one before whom all actions within the jurisdiction of a Justice of the Peace were brought.  He possessed in a remarkable degree the confidence of the entire community, and his decisions were almost uniformly acquiesced in.  He was the first one who opened a store in town for the sale of merchandise.  Commencing trade at Little River, he subsequently removed to the village where, after trading for awhile in a building that stood on the site of McClintocks block, he built on the opposite side of the street, long known as Nesmiths Corner, and continued to trade there until the fall of 1808, when he was compelled by failing health to retire from active business.  He was for several years Postmaster, succeeding Tolford Durham, who first held the office in this place, and was succeeded by Thomas Whittier, Esq.  He was the father of James Nesmith of the old firm of Nesmith and Leeds, formerly doing an extensive business in New York, well known to our merchants and ship owners of twenty years ago.  A daughter of his became the wife of the late William Cunningham, Esq., on Montville; she and her children are the only descendants of Mr. Nesmith living in this vicinity.


         From a book entitled "Lockes Sketches of Belfast", page 214:

        The first store opened in town was kept by James Nesmith, in 1799, on the site now occupied by S. & E. Edwards, then called "Nesmiths Corner."  At the commencement, his entire stock consisted of two cotton handkerchiefs, valued at $1.00 each, and a barrel of rum.  At his death, he was estimated to worth $15,000.00.


       Nesmith’s Corner - the intersection of Main Street and High Street where the store of David Lancaster now stands.  So called from James Nesmith, who traded in a building which he erected there fron 1799 to 1809.  [“History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine” by  Joseph    Williamson, Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913, 1767 pgs., p.17:] Building burned down 29 Dec.1854. description p.207:, fire- p.725:; on page 194: it states that James Nesmith of “Nesmith’s Corner” was the nephew of Benjamin Nesmith when in fact it was Benjamin’s son.[MW]


      Letter of David M. Wilson relating Letter (words) of Charlotte (Nesmith) Cunningham   “in their flight from Belfast, at the defeat of Bagaduce [??] about 12 miles from Belfast.  They were fearful of being plundered or otherwise annoyed by the British, and slept every night in the woods for a fortnight before leaving in 1776 or 1777 for their N.H. home. In 1783, I think, father and Uncle Ben returned.  My father was 19 and Uncle Ben 15 years old.  Their hardship and deprivation were very great.  My father was prostrated with fever 12 miles from a Physician and Uncle Ben his only attendant.  A fever sore remaining, caused his death in 1811 March 4.  In May he would have been 47.”

       In the History of Belfast Vol.1 p.704 [“The records of Penobscot Customs District, which included Belfast until 1818, give the following list of vessels built here up to that year:”]: 1805, Schooner Venus of 127.54 tons, owned by E. McFarland and James Nesmith.  Since James Jr. was b.1800, this ship was owned by James Sr[MW].


       1800 ME Census Index:

Nesmith, James ME HANCOCK CO. 318 1800 20100-1101000 


       Nancy in Belfast VR,   Dau. of Capt. Gilmore.

       m2. 1813 John Brown, lived in Montvalle, had 3 ch.?  ??? or is this dau ?

       Marriage recorded in Salem. NH

       Lived in Belfast, ME.


1.+Charlotte NESMITH,  b.7 Sep.1796 Northport, ME,

2.+Nancy NESMITH,  b.2 Jan.1798 Northport, ME,

3.+James NESMITH,  b.20 Oct.1800 Belfast, Waldo Co., Main,

4.+Jonathan NESMITH,  b .25 Jan.1802 Belfast,

5.  Clarissa NESMITH,  b.28 Dec.1803 Belfast,

6.  Benjamin NESMITH,  b.1 June 1806 Belfast,

7.  Maria NESMITH,  b.19 Sep.1808 Belfast, 

8.  Jane Dunlop NESMITH,  b.31 Jan.1811 Belfast, d.26 July 1837 Montville, ME.