Married: abt.1687 Flatbush, NY
Divorced: unknown

Gerrit2 Janszen Van Wicklen
(major events)

Birth: bap.1 Jan.1659 (bap.), Wijckel, Holland
Death: prior 23 Dec.1722 Jamaica, NY,(last ref 1720 (Macy)Rec.128:177)

Birth: abt.1666 Flatbush, New York, USA
Will: 4 June 1736
Death: bef.23 Dec.1722 Jamaica, NY,(last ref 1720 (Macy)Rec.128:177)

Family Citations:

       Picture of Dutch Church, Wijckel, Holland, where Gerrit2 Janszen was baptised.

        At age five Gerrit Janszen accompanied his parents to New Netherland, and two years later was named in the orphanmasters proceedings following his mothers death.  He probably grew up in Flatlands and was the Gerrit Jansz who joined the church there June 1681, [see "RECORD" of NYGBS 128:83-88.]

       When pressed to adopt a permanent surname towards the end of the 17th century, took the name of their native village and became "Van Wicklen."

        On 16 March 1686/7 "Garrett Johnson" and Jan Sneerika [SNEDIKER], both of Jamaica, bought twenty acres in the west part of that town, bounded by land which Garrett had purchased earlier. (osephine C. Frost, ed., Records of The Town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 3 vols. (Brooklyn, 1914), at 2:304-05; hereafter PR.  The deed for Gerrits earlier purchase has not been found.  Snediker was Jan3 (Gerrit2, Jan1) . He and Gerrit were neighbors and involved in other land transactions together.  They apparently were not related, although Jans mother Willemtje VOOKS or Fockes was the daughter of Focke JANZEN, one of the guardians appointed for the Van Wicklen children in 1666 [Harold R. and Walter C. SNEDIKER, The Book of Snedekers, 1992, pp. 73-74; H. Minot Pitman "Fockens-Heermans," The American Genealogist 36:215-19, which omits Willemtje, but see William J. Hoffman, "Settlers from the Netherlands in America Before 1700," MS., NYGBS Library, p.343].

       He would spend the rest of his life in Jamaica and there are many more land transactions involving him in that towns records, including a deed of 24 November 1695 from Garret Lubbertsen to Garrett Johnson, the grantor being his father-in-law though that is not stated. [JTR (Jamaica(NY)Town Record) 2:366-67]

       Gerrit signed documents by mark. [For example, JTR 2:362, 369]

       He was usually listed as a yeoman, in one case as a "planter." (JTR 2:187.)

       He appears on Jamaica rate lists of 3 and 4 February 1708/9 as Garit Jonson, taxed on the latter date at eight shillings, eleven pence, two farthings and four wampum. [JTR 2:439, 441.]

       The only reference to Gerrit as "Van Wicklen" in the Jamaica town records is a deed to him from Jan Snediker, dated 29 December 1710. [JTR 3:46-48.]

       His first recorded use of the Van Wicklen surname may have been in 1695 when he and Tryntje were called "Wickles" at the baptism of their daughter Sytje.

       In 1698 Gerrit and Tryntje "Wikles" were sponsors for Tryntjes niece Geertruy Wilsee, and they were recorded as Gerrit and Tryntie "Van Wyckelen" when their son Evert was baptized in 1699.  Yet in 1706 another church record listed them as "Gerrit Jansen" and "Tryntje Gerrits," typical of the inconsistency in recording Dutch names during this period of transition out of the patronymic system.

       On 1 January 1693/4 Garrett Jonson was assessed six shillings towards the Anglican ministers salary, a tax home by everyone in Jamaica regardless of their persuasion.72   He remained Dutch Reformed, the name of Geret van Wickelen heading the 29 April 1715 list of subscribers to the Jamaica Dutch Church with a pledge of L3.10; on 18 November 1715 he subscribed eleven shillings to that churchs building fund.

       The final records of Gerrit are Jamaica deeds of 12 September 1718 and 26 August 1720 that mention his land, neither calling him deceased.  This was probably before his son of the same name married, but the son was of age and one or both of the references could be to him.  In any case, as mentioned above, Gerrit was almost certainly deceased before the baptism of his namesake in 1722, and his wife probably also died by that date.  They most likely were buried on their farm in what is now called the Southside Burial Ground.

       The descendants of Gerrit2 Janszen settled in every town of old Queens County, with later migrations to the Hudson Valley, Ontario, and the Midwest.  The large Jamaica and Oyster Bay branches spelled the name Van Wicklen, but a branch in Hempstead used Van Wickler and one in Newtown preferred Van Wickel Descendants of a member of the Newtown branch who went to (West) Virginia and Ohio adopted Van Vickle.


       Sometimes GERRITSEN as for the male. 

       4 children:

1.+John3 Van WICKLEN,  bap.abt.1690 Jamaica, Queens Co., New York, USA,

2.+Gerrit Van WICKLEN,  b.13 Sep.1691 Jamaica, d.bef.29 Apr.1782, m.abt.1721 Helena AMERMAN,

3.+Sytje Van WICKLEN,  bap.8 June 1695 Jamaica, d.aft.23 Aug.1731, m.abt.1726 Joseph Van CLEEF,

4.+Evert Van WICKLEN,  bap.5 Mar.1699 Jamaica, d.prior.1784, m.abt.1724 Elizabeth Van LIEW,