Married: unknown

Birth: 20 July 1832 New York City
Death: 25 Apr.1878 New York
Occ: New York City merchant - fine dress material,

Fanny Miner Davis
(major events)

Birth: 20 Jan.1836 Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
Death: January 1890

Family Citations:


       Born 1832, John W. Whitfield, d.1878, ae.46 [Carnegie, by Peter Krass p.155]

       Son of Thomas Buckmaster WHITFIELD

    John William Whitfield, son of George B. and Elizabeth Augusta (Stevens) Whitfield, of New York City  ["History of the Davis family. Being an account of the descendants of John Davis, a native of England, who died in East Hampton, Long Island, in 1705. With notices of individuals and families connected with them. Brought down to 1886-7" p.60:,  http://www.archive.org/stream/historyofdavisfa00davi/historyofdavisfa00davi_djvu.txt ]

       m. Fanny DAVIS, b.1834 CT, [1870c.],


1850c.  ??


1870c.  New York Ward 18 District 4, New York, New York

John Whitfield, ae.38=b.1832 Ret. Fancy Goods, RE15000, b.NY, 

Fanny Whitfield, ae.36 b.CT,

Louisa Whitfield, ae.13, b.NY,

Alice McCullough, ae.26, domestic, b.Ireland,

Kate Scammell, ae.21, domestic, b.Ireland,


There is New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 

arrival 17 Aug.1870 to NYC aboard ship Abyssinia from Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland

John Whitfield, ae.36, American, merchant,


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       Children:  [ Davis Family, p.60:]

1.+Louise WHITFIELD,  b.7 Mar.1857 New York City,

2. George B. WHITFIELD,  b.4 April 1859 New York City, d.19 Sep.1861 New York,

3.  Estelle"Stella" WHITFIELD,  b.17 Sep.1862 New York City, 

4. Henry Davis WHITFIELD,  b.7 Oct.1874 New York City,

5.  Miirv Elizabeth WHITFIELD,  b.22 Jan.1877 New York City, d.20 June 1877, 

       In 1848, when Mr. Whitfield was about fifteen years old, he entered the employ of Lyman Cooke A Co., in the notion business.  The firm was at that time located at GO Broadway, and did a business of about $250,000 a year.  From the position of boy he rose by degrees until, in 1858 he was admitted to partnership, and the firm became Dowd, Baker Whitfield & Co.  In 1870 Dowd & Baker retired from active interest, remaining as specials, and the firm became Whitfield, Powers & Co. Mr. Powers died in 187B.  Mr. Whitfield died in 1878, leaving a widow and three children. [Davis Family p.60:]


       Whitfield survived by wife and THREE children. [”Carnegie” p.155: by Peter Krass] 

  1. Death: BCar2, Carnegie, p.250, d. Jan.1890, ae.54, Peter Krass, added by Admin