Birth: 1804 Death: 2 Oct.1855

Birth: 1804
Death: 2 Oct.1855

William T. Carnegie

        Emigration: 1848 From Scotland to America,


       William Carnegie was a handloom weaver. During the years of the early 19th century technological innovations were making handloom weaving obsolete, so Carnegie was often without work and the family was desparately poor.  In response to this he became a radical Chartist and labor agitator who was often described as one of the most troublesome street orators in Dumferline. Because of these difficultied, the family immigrated to the United States in 1848. William Carnegie had hoped to find a position as a handloom weaver in America, but was disappointed, ending up as a laborer in a cotton texti ...

Major events of William T. Carnegie's life: