Birth: 11 June 1703 Death: 14 Jan.1795

Birth: 11 June 1703
Death: 14 Jan.1795

Hopestill Leeds

       "Ancestry of Beatrice Fairbanks Vol IV": The Leeds Line:

        Joseph3’s son Hopestill (4) LEEDS  married Sarah CLAPP, daughter of Deacon Johnathan and Sarah CAPPEN CLAPP, whose “gateway ancestor” Thomas  was cousin to Roger CLAPP, who left an account of his crossing on the Mary and John.  Their son Daniel (5) LEEDS,  born in Dorchester in 1739, graduated from Harvard in 1761.  He mamed Abigail GORE on 30 Dec.1766 in Roxbury.   Daniel made his reputation as the schoolmaster of Dorchester where he taught for fifteen years.  He departed this life according to the history of old Dorchester, on June 7th 1790 after attending worship the previous day in good health. "A disorder in his head occasioned his death".



Major events of Hopestill Leeds's life: