Birth: 29 Sep 1618 Death: 30 Apr 1700

Birth: 29 Sep 1618
Death: 30 Apr 1700

Thomas Baker

        He came from England in 1639 and was enrolled as a Free Planter atMilford, Connecticut, one of the original six towns of the New Haven Colony.  He remained there for slightly more than a decade. In May 1650 he entered into an agreement with Daniel How [Howe] to purchase all of Howes accommodations and rights at East Hampton, for the sum of 20 pounds, to be delivered on September 29, 1650. (East Hampton Town Records 1:4-5). On August 24, 1650 Thomas Baker paid the agreed purchase price and moved to East Hampton, Long Island where he lived for the remainder of his life.

       At the first election, Thomas Baker was chosen as one of four "Townsmen", who with the Constable, wielded considerable authority in ordering the affairs of the town. He was reelect ...

Major events of Thomas Baker's life: