Birth: 7 Mar.1691 Death: 5 Jan.1770

Birth: 7 Mar.1691
Death: 5 Jan.1770

Philip Ketcham

       Phillip4 KETCHAM  (John3, John2, Edward1);

       Philip Ketcham is first of record 25 Apr.1701 when at the age of 16 he was a whitness to the will of Jonathan Jarvis of Huntington.  His father John Ketcham deeded him property 16 January 1715/6, the whitness being  John Rogers ans thomas Ketcham.   He had then beeen married but for a short time.

       He was elected collector on 1 May 1716 at Huntington, Suffolk Co., New York. On 18 Dec.1716 he reported 38 pounds, 18s 8d to the Treasurer at New York City, and foreswore further responsibility of this task.  Nevertheless the town of Huntington  chose him as assesssor at its meeting of 2 may 17 ...

Major events of Philip Ketcham's life: