Birth: abt.1712 Death: aft 1 Mar.1780

Birth: abt.1712
Death: aft 1 Mar.1780

George Lauder Youngs

        Originally of Oyster Bay then after his marriage, of Huntington.

His will, dated 13 May 1779, with a codicil of 1 March 1780 was proved 14 Oct. 1782.  whitnesses:  Townsend Hewlett of Oyster Bay,


       The name of George Youngs father is not proved, but circumstantially he may have been the Thomas Youngs junior of Oyster Bay who bought land from his father, Thomas Youngs senior, 10 May 1699, the property being described as `all that of Thirty Acrees (sic) of Land which I have Lying Nigh to Cold Spring and Joyning to ye Highways and (all) my Right and priviledge In the half ...

Major events of George Lauder Youngs's life: