Birth: 1 Apr 1750 Death: 21 Nov 1799

Birth: 1 Apr 1750
Death: 21 Nov 1799

Israel Youngs

       “Unpublished Family and Bible Records of Long Island, 1963-1964, NYPL, vol. 113, p.88.

       Israel was arrested 11 May 1776 by order of the New York Provincial Congress on a charge of counterfeiting Colonial currency.  He was tried and convicted, and jailed at Litchfield, Conn.   By bribing his jailor he was able to escape 25 November 1776, and returning to Long Island for a brief period.  However, as feeling in the community was very strongly against him, he removed to New Jersey.  [NYGBR: vol 97, p17-21 “The Youngs Family of Cold Spring”]



Major events of Israel Youngs's life: