Birth: 16 May 1854 Death: 17 Aug.1913

Birth: 16 May 1854
Death: 17 Aug.1913

Henry Edwin11 Nesmith Jr.

        President of Nesmith & Constantine Co. (Mahogany and Ceder Storage Company of Manhattan) [NY Buis. Certif. NYC County Clerk 1581-1898C (date) at the NYC Archives at the Surrogate Court],, this certificate lists H.E.Nesmith Jr. as president however it is his brother Howard M. who is the signator as treasurer.   [document is in MW family papers].

       Well known in Astoria, LI, the mansion being one of the show places on the shores of the East River.

       Became a member of the Chamber of Commerce 7 Nov.1889.

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Major events of Henry Edwin11 Nesmith Jr. 's life: