Birth: 24 Jan.1784 Death: 17 Oct.1828

Birth: 24 Jan.1784
Death: 17 Oct.1828

Israel Youngs

       Israel Youngs, son of lsrael and Naomi (Wood) Youngs, was born at Cold Spring, L.I., 24 Jan 1784, died 17 October 1828.  

       There are two entries in the family Bible which apparently refer to Isaac Youngs, Jr.  One, in a straightforward listing of births, gives 9 March 1783.  Elsewhere in this record is a statement that this Israel Youngs was born 24 January 1784, or ten months and fifteen days later.  It is possible that the second date is correct, and that there were two sons of the same name, the first dying young. The birth record, however, lists only one son Israel.

       He married in the First Church, Huntington, L.I., 8 July 1812, Esther ...

Major events of Israel Youngs's life: