Birth: 4 Mar.1936 Death:

Birth: 4 Mar.1936

Ajit G. Hutheesing

       Ajit Hutheesing was married first to Amrita Hutheesing and has three sons. He also has three grand children. His marriage of 24 years ended in divorce and 12 years later he was married to Helen Armstrong. 

        Ajit G. Hutheesing is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of International Capital Partners Inc. (ICP). ICP commenced investment activities in 1992, providing private placement equity to finance the growth of successful smaller companies. After a successful record of investments in small private and public companies, ICP is winding down its activities. Mr. Hutheesing was a member of the Greenwich Roundtable, a group of 100 invited members who collectively manage $1 Trillion plus. ...

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