Birth: 9 Jan.1877 Death: 9 Jan.1942

Birth: 9 Jan.1877
Death: 9 Jan.1942

Margaret Copley Thaw

        Daughter of  William Kendall THAW and Mary COPLEY, and sister of Harry K. THAW.

       In November 1923 Margaret Thaw married Roger Count de Perigny (d.1945). The couple divided their time between a residence in Paris and their farm in Naivasha.

        Margaret Copley Thaw (January 9, 1877 - January 9, 1942) married George Lauder Carnegie (1876-1921), the son of Andrew Carnegies brother Thomas Morrison Carnegie (1844-1886) and his wife Lucy Ackerman Coleman (1847-1916), therefore Andew Carnegies nephew. Their island is now Cumberland Island National Seashore. Settled by this branch of the renowned Carnegie family in 1881, Cumberland Island became a national park in 1972. Along with the wild horses and the ruins of Lucy Carnegies home Dungeness, Cumberland Isl ...

Major events of Margaret Copley Thaw's life: