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Blanche Strebeigh

        Daughter of Harold Strebeigh and Blanche Pierce b.abt.1875, d.abt.1949,


1.+Andrew CARNEGIE III,  b. 10 June 1933 New York, NY, m1. Overton SNEAD, m2. Jeanne MEACHAM,


       Blanche Strebeigh was a petite woman - about 5 4, described as "slimsoigne", who I dont think ever weighed more than 110 pounds. She wasvery reserved towards those she didnt know very well, though a scotch or vodka could loosen her up.  After one got to know her they would enjoy her sense of humor and having her around.  She was a very attractive woman and there were many men in her life.  There were also many dogs -- she had many pets over the years and was very involved in the Animal Rescue Leag ...

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