Birth: 24 Dec. 1901 Death: 19 July 1954

Birth: 24 Dec. 1901
Death: 19 July 1954

Thomas Morrison Carnegie Jr.

        m2. Kate DELAFIELD,

       m3. 1932 Newport, Rhode Island, Blanche STREBEIGH, 29 July 1902 Rye, New York, 1 child,


       Tom had a zoo in back of the Cottage, whose inhabitants were chickens,ducks, white rabbits, guinea pigs, and two monkeys. One day we got intothe monkey pen, which we were not supposed to do, and came ot coveredwith fleas and horribly bitten. Aunt Virginia turned the hose on us.Later, these monkeys escaped aand were not seen for a long time, untilthe day Nervous, the little golf caddy, came tearing in to Staffordyelling, "Come ...

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