Birth: 6 Jan.1874 Death: 22 Sep.1944

Birth: 6 Jan.1874
Death: 22 Sep.1944

Thomas Morrison Carnegie

        Thomas Morrison Carnegie, Jr. was the fourth son.  As with most Carnegies, he was not very tall.  He had light brown hair and blue eyes.  He was avery gentle person and I think, a dreamer, so quiet in his ways.  He was devoted to his wife, Virginia, and boys, Tom and Carter.  He rode, played golf and tennis, and shot like his brothers, but gardening was his great hobby.  He had a small greenhouse on the end of the Cottage wing where hegrew all kinds of things, and he would go all over the island throwing seeds and bulbs everywhere.  Every time wed see a palm tree which wethought ought not to be there, we blamed it on Uncle Morris. [The Carnegies and Cumberland Island]


Major events of Thomas Morrison Carnegie's life: