Birth: 5 Dec.1803 Death: 28 Oct.1857

Birth: 5 Dec.1803
Death: 28 Oct.1857

Richard Cunningham McCormick

        “In his early life he was a journalist in the city, and later he succeeded to the leather business of his father’s firm, Cumingham & Mccormick.  He was a prominent fireman, lieutenant-colonel of one of the militia regiments, and for many years Secretary of the Merchants Exchange Company.  He was a large operator in real estate in New York and Brooklyn, and a man of education and extensive reading.  Although admitted to the bar, and a student of medicine, he never practiced law or medicine.  He was active in church work during most of his like; was interested in benevolent and educational societies, and well known for intelligence, enterprise and public spirit, but held no political office.

      He married June 16, 1831, Sarah Matilda Deck ...

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