Birth: 3 May 1645 Death: bef.1738

Birth: 3 May 1645
Death: bef.1738

Captain James McCormick

        One of the signers of the humble address of the Governor, officers, clergy and other gentlemen in the city and garrison of Londonderry, to William and Mary, of the date of July 29, 1689, shortly after the famous siege of that noted stronghold of Protestantism, was James McCormick. Further than that we have little knowledge of him, except that he was the ancestor of the family of whom we have this record. 

       Based on the ages of his children, I estimate that James McCormick was born in about the 1650s and in Londonderry, Ulster, Northern Ireland.  His wife was Sarah Welsh. He brought his family to America in about 1730 or so and settled in what is now Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  Among perhaps other children, he had the follo ...

Major events of Captain James McCormick's life: