Married: MA, his 2nd m.
Divorced: unknown

Birth: 5 Nov.1777 Bridgewater, MA
Death: 1 Oct.1845 Jamaica Plains, MA (now part of Boston)
Occ: businessman, deacon,

Abigail West
(major events)

Birth: 2 Apr.1789 Salem, MA
Death: 20 May 1863

Family Citations:

       of Easton, (South Easton).  

       He lived in Easton and Boston MA. to Easton between 1800 (not in c.) and 1810 (appears) [Easton, MA census].

       None of the children are evident in the 1850 Easton census making it probable that the whole family moved away (Jay, ME) together. [MW]

       Ichabod was paralyzed when he moved from Boston to Jamaica Plains, MA. [R. Clark].... Jamaica Plains is now in Boston....[MW]

       Bridgewater VR marriages, vII p.252:  int. 31 May 1806, Icabod Macomber of Easton and Sarah Howard.  Easton is about 10 miles west (northerly) from Bridgewater.  His father had removed to Bridgewater from Marshfield abt 1771, and then to Jay, ME about 1808.

        “New England Library...” has Ichabod Macomber, not “Deacon” but he was a founder of the First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain.


       “Icabod Macomber, b. in Bridgewater Mass. November 5, 1777, d.at Jamaica Plain, October 1, 1848.  When a young man, in company of Cyrus Alger, he started an iron furnace at North Easton, Mass, but sold out his interest in 1808. {however shows up in 1810 census of Easton} Removing then to Boston, he engaged in the grocery business as head of the firm of Macomber, Swain & Hunting, but afterward embarked in the same business alone, under the name of Ichabod Macomber.

       He erected two dwelling-houses in Boston, one on Eliot Street and the other on Summer Street.  He subsequently became a resident of Jamaica Plain, where he was one of the fonders of the First Baptist Church.  

       On August 28, 1806, he m. Sally Howard, b.May 17, 1788, who d. May 25 1818 leaving four children.  The record is : Charles Augustus, b. in Easton, June 24, 1807, d. in 1888; Ichabod, b. at Easton, October 1, 1810, d. in 1893; Albert, b.at. Easton on June 30, 1816, d. in 1874; and Sally Howard, b. in Boston, April 25, 1818, d. in 1820.

       He m. June 12, 1820, Mrs. Abigail West Brown, who bore him five children, as follows:  William, the special subject of this sketch (see son William); James Brown, b. in Dorchester, March 28, 1823, d. in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sally Howard, b. in Boston in 1825, d. in Brooklyn, N.Y. January 20, 1878; Henry Malcom, b. in Boston in 1827, d. in Astoria, N.Y. in 1891; and mary Judson, b.in Boston in 1830, m. William C. Merriam.” [“New England Library of Genealogy and Personal History, Representative Citizens of Massachussetts” Compiled under the supervision of Charles Edwin Hurd, New England Historical Publishing Company, Boston, 1902, p.330:]

       *In bio of son William [“New England Library...] has lineage “as we are told, through (William1) Thomas2, Thomas3, Thomas4, William5, Thomas6 to Ichabod, who was of the seventh generation of the family in America.”  This contradicts Stackpole’s “Macomber Genealogy” who has lineage as William1 Thomas2, Thomas3, Thomas4, Thomas5, to Ichabod6.  William5 who “New England Library” correctly identifies as the husband of Ruth White, a descendant of Perigrine White who was born on board the”Mayflower” HOWERER was [as Stackpole shows] the brother of Ichabod’s6 father Thomas5.  [MW]  The proof is that although there is a slight amount of room in dating to interject an extra generation between Thomas4, b.28 Apr.1710 and Thomas5/or6, b.2 Aug.1748, the “Compilation of Vital records of Marshfield, Massachusetts to the year 1850” by Robert Sherman, p.96 [v2 p.111 original VR]:  has “William Macomber ye Son of Thomas(4) Macomber and Marcy his Wife was born the first Day of may 1746”...clearly making no room for an extra generation between Thomas and Ichabod6, b. 5 Nov.1777. [MW]  


       History of Easton, MA, by William L. Chaffin:

       Re: chapter: “old homesteads”: p.297: (in South Easton) “The ruined cellar a little northeast of Thaxter Hervey’s was the foundation of the furnace owned and run by Cyrus Alger and Icabod Macomber earlier in this century.” (1800s)

       p.374:  Icabod Macomber, as a member of the Washington Benevolent Society and Library, and included in list of Federalists of the day in Easton which included Haywards, Drakes, Howards, Lothrops, and Williams.

       p.584:  (in Furnace Village a few miles west of South Easton) “We learned that the Furnace, founded in 1751, passed through several different ownerships, ... Cyrusa Alger bought it, March 6, 1804.  Mr. Alger was an iron worker, a trader and an able business man. ... August 24,1804 Shepard Leach bought an interest. .. May 6, 1805 Mr. Alger sold his interest to Icabod Macomber, who, December 12,1808 sold out to Mr. (then Captain) Leach;..”

       p.588:  “At the green (South Easton) there wasin 1800 a grist-mill, owned by Timothy Randall, the second of that name.  In 1803 he sold his mill-property to Icabod Macomber, who bought it for himself and partner Cyrus Alger.  It was said to have been their intension to enlarge the pond, (for water power) put up a forge, and perhaps also a furnace, and to start an extensive iron business.  This move was checkedmated by Josiah Copeland, Calvin Brett, and others who bought the interest below the dam and also bought land so near as to prevent the enlargement of the pond as proposed.  What might have been the result upon the prosperity of South Easton had Alger & Macomber not been defeated in their plan, is a matter of interesting conjecture.  Being thus balked they deeded back the property to Timothy Randall ....”. (above they later bought the Furnace Village works)

       p.591:  “Not long after the century opened, Cyrus Alger and Icabod Macomber built and carried on a furnace a short distance north-east of the Thaxter Harvey place; but the business did not prove a success,  The ruins, at least the foundations, of this old furnace may still be seen.”


       Macomber @ Roots




       Abigail W. BROWN, dau. of Samuel Massey WEST and Polly YOUNG. [Stackpole, Macomber Genealogy p.126:]  

       Abigail WEST first married John BROWN of Lynnfield, MA, son of James BROWN and Susan WELLMAN. [History of the Town of Lynnfield, MA 1635-1895, by Thomas B. Wellman, pub. The Blanchard & Watts Engraving Co. Boston, MA, 1895 p.192:]


       In 1860 living with daughter in Boston, MA,

       1860c 11thWD Boston, Essex, MA [Series M653, Roll 524, Page 622:] William C. Merriam, furnishing store, ae.35, b. MA, valie RE $8,000, per. $10,000, with wife Mary, ae.28, b. MA, and children, all b. MA:  William ae.8, Henry ae.4, Mary M. ae.1, and also mother-in-law Abigail WEST Macomber ae.70, and 2 servants,


       [Taken from Easton (Town of) Records, Births, Deaths, and Marriages by families, 1697 - 1847. Transcribed from FHLC Film # 1059951]  Macomber, Jacob Jr. p.150, Macomber, Daniel p.154, Macomber, Hannah p.160, Macomber, Elizabeth p.167, Macomber, David p.176, Macomber, Daniel p.285, Macomber, Benjamin F. p.295, 

       Town of Easton, Bristol County, MA,    http://www.tourtillott.org/easton/index.html

       Town of EASTON, census etc. VR’s

       Town of Easton VR   1697 - 1847

b.&d. index:  Macomber, Jacob s Family, p.48, p.78,

b.&d. index:  Macomber, Daniel s Family, p.232.              No Icabod family shown

m. Index:  Macomber, Jacob Jr., p.150, 

m. Index:  Macomber, Daniel  p.154,                                 No Icabod family shown

m. Index:  Macomber, Jacob,  p.157,

Macomber, Hannah, p.160,

Macomber, Elizabeth, p.167, 

Macomber, Daniel, p.285,

Macomber, Benjamin F., p.295,


       1790 Federal Census Bristol County, MA, EASTON

Macomber, Daniel,  2 males under.16, 1f.u.16, 1f,

Macomber, Jacob ,  1m.u. 16, 3f (over 16) .  (could be the son of Jacob MACOMBER [15004]


       1800 Federal Census, Bristol County MA, EASTON  (only 1 SHOWN)

David Macomber, 1m(10yo-16), 1m +45yo, 1f.(15-26), 1f.+45.


       1810 Federal Census, Bristol County MA, EASTON

John Tinkham, 1m(26-45), 1f(under 10), 1f(16-26)

Daniel Mackumber, 1m+45yo, 1f+45yo. 

David Mackumber,  2m (undrer 10yo), 1m(under 26), 1f(under 16).

Ichabod Mackumber, 1m(16-26)[??], 1m(26-45)[Ichabod, Sr], 1f (16-26)[Sarah Howard].           1m(16-26)[??] is prob. transcription mistake - they then had son ae3 (Charles).

Jacob Macumber, 1m+45, 1f(16-26), 2f(26-45), 1f+45.


       Free Inhabitants in Easton, in the County of Bristol, State of MA enumerated by me, on the 7th day of October 1850. Bradford Pratt Asst. Marshal.

p.2b:   #4,  24, 27  Henry S. Delano ...

p.2b: #17,  D26, F29  Edwin Howard ae60 M(ale) farmer, real estate $1,500, born MA, 

p.5b:   #4,  Jonathan Hayward,  ae51, M, laborer, b.MA,

p.9b: #41, 150, Hannah Macomber, ae60, F, W, b.MA.

p.9b: #42, Silence Macomber, ae50, Female, White, MA.

p.13: #28,  183, 205(fam.) Benj. F. Macomber, ae41M, W, farmer, r.e.$1,500, b.MA

         #29,                 Mary Macomber, ae40, b.MA.

         #30,                 Orin W. Macomber, ae18, farmer, b.MA.

         #31,                 Benj. F. Macomber Jr., ae12, b.MA.

         #32,                 Henry C. Macomber, ae1, b.MA.

         #34,                 David Macomber, ae64, farmer, r.e.$2,000, b.MA.

         #35,                 David H. Macomber ae26, farmer, b.MA.

         #36,                 Emily L. Macomber ae32, Concert Singer, b.MA.

         #37,                 Clarissa J. Macomber ae32 Concert Singer, b.MA.

         #38,                 Ellen F. Macomber, ae13, b.MA.

p.14: #9,  193, 218, Jason Tinkham, (and fam. of 5) ae34, shoemaker, b.MA

p18b:  Tilden, Carr, p.19: Nathaniel Howard ae 63 p.20b: Edwin West(and fam.), ae51, shoemaker,

    end at p.22b:

p.23: Joel Sampson (&fam.), ae39, M, Shovels, b.ME., p.25 Thomas Howard, farmer, p.28: Peleg West, ae 74, M, Farmer, 


       Warning to Leave Town of Easton, among

Vol2 p.34 - 35, 1790:  Ann Macomber, single woman;