Birth: 31 May 1841 Death: 24 June 1822

Birth: 31 May 1841
Death: 24 June 1822

William Rockefeller

        William Rockefeller (May 31, 1841-June 24, 1922), American financier, was a cofounder of the prominent United States Rockefeller family.

       The younger brother of John D. Rockefeller, William was born in Richford, New York. In 1853 his family moved to Strongville, Ohio.

       In 1865, he entered the oil business by starting a refinery. In 1867, his brothers company, Rockefeller & Andrews, absorbed this refinery, and in 1870, the company became Standard Oil.

       William Rockefeller served as the companys New York representative until 1911 when Sta ...

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